Foster Carer and Adopter Guide

The Foster Carer and Adopter Guide is directed towards foster carers and prospective adopters (as well as their supporting professionals) and provides a detailed description of the By Your Side model. The guide outlines the key principles of the model, describes what the direct work involves and what foster carers and adopters can do to help the child. It includes examples and scenarios throughout and dedicates a whole section on helpful ways to talk in everyday situations. The guide is written in an accessible and clear way and can be used as a structured approach to support a transition or can be adapted to suit the situation.


Practitioner Guide

The Practitioner Guide is directed towards professionals who may be supporting the child and adults involved across the transition process. The practitioner may come from a range of professional backgrounds and may already be involved in the overall support of the child (e.g. a social worker involved in the child’s care) or be a professional who becomes involved to facilitate the transition work. The Practitioner Guide includes all of the information contained in the Foster Carers and Adopter Guide and, in addition, provides guidance on a range of issues including how to manage the complex adult dynamics that can arise, how to facilitate the Theraplay and narrative parts of the sessions and how to write a therapeutic story.

It is strongly recommended that practitioners who are using the By Your Side model to inform their work attend the two-day By Your Side practitioner training delivered by The Family Place. In order to facilitate the work effectively using this model you will need to have attended Theraplay and DDP Level 1 Trainings.


Not Again, Little Owl

Not Again, Little Owl is a children’s story book that has been written for children who may have faced several moves. It is a story that has been found to be very effective in helping children and adults talk about difficult emotions and it encompasses the loss and anxiety as well as the hope involved when moving family.

The notes that accompany the book are available for free download.

Not Again, Little Owl children's book by Vivien Norris

Foster Carer Transition Form

Available Soon

This form provides a clear framework for foster carers to record detailed notes about the child prior to the transition.  The form gathers a wide range of different information about the child and provides an invaluable source of information for the new parents involved in caring for the child. It includes sections on routines, regulation, relating to others, trauma and nurture, the child’s understanding of their situation and foster family memories. It is available under a simple annual license agreement which allows the user to share it electronically or print off hard copies.


Model Poster

An A2 poster is available which summarises the model

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