By Your Side Transitions training can now be taken remotely!

Part One: By Your Side Overview

For anyone interested in the approach

This overview session is aimed at practitioners who are interested in finding out more about the model. Adopters, foster carers and service managers will also find it useful. It is open to everyone, with or without Theraplay training.

Part Three: Practice Consultation Session

For practitioners

This consultation session is for practitioners who have taken Parts One and Two. The agenda of the session will be based on the issues group members wish to raise. Specific questions can be submitted in advance. The aim is to provide an opportunity for detailed discussion of dilemmas.

Max participants: 12

Part Two: By Your Side Training

For practitioners

The practitioner training is aimed at practitioners who are considering or are already delivering transition work. In order to attend you need to have completed Part One and have at a minimum have undertaken Theraplay Level 1.

Part Four: Adopter and Foster Carer training

For foster carers and adopters

This is a one session workshop for for foster carers and adopters. The focus of the session will be on the practical approaches that foster carers and adopters may helpfully take with respect to both routines and rituals and how to talk with the child about what is happening.

In order to attend you need to have completed Part One. You do not need to have completed any other training and you do not need to be part of a service that is using the full By Your Side model. We will focus on approaches that can be used for any transition.

Max participants: 20

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Part One: By Your Side Overview

This is a one session overview of the model. The overview training will cover the following areas:

  • Overview of the framework and theory underpinning By Your Side 

  • Introduction to the seven guiding principles and sequence of sessions

  • Video illustration of the pattern of sessions providing the work remotely with an actor family: sessions with foster carer and child, across introductions and after the move 

  • Discussion of helpful rituals and ways to manage adult dynamics

How to access the By Your Side Overview session


  1. Attend a By Your Side Overview on-line workshop  - coming soon

  2. View the extended By Your Side Training video here


Part Two: By Your Side Training

The two sessions will cover the following areas:

  • Clinical video illustration of the whole By Your Side transition sequence (in-person work)

  • How to facilitate a joint foster carer/adopter session during introductions

  • How to structure sessions that integrate Theraplay and DDP based approaches

  • Explore and practice ways to talk to children (using examples of everyday opportunities, mini figures, puppets and therapeutic stories)

  • Use of rituals to provide continuity across context and help develop the narrative

  • Managing adult dynamics 

Max participants: 12

Cost: £150

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